Marijampolėje tarptautinė konferecija apie Europos Sąjungos vertybes Spausdinti
Trečiadienis, 15 Kovas 2017 10:04

Conference "Crisis of values" is a part of "Challenges for Europe: understand and overcome together" project. Main purpose of the project is to foster active citizenship and involvement in democratic processes of European Union sharing knowledge and understanding at the community level.

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7:30 Vilnius - Marijampolė
9:00 Registration, coffee
10:00 Opening
10:15 Presentation. Fundamental European values
10:45 Presentation. Causes of radicalism
11:15 Presentation. Impact of communities,organisations and social innovation growth
11:45 Coffee break
12:15 Presentation. Relationship between economic groups and public movements
12:45 Discussion
14:15 Lunch
15:15 Workshops
16:45 Closure
17:30 Marijampolė - Vilnius


1. Participatory democracy. Representative democracy does not correspond to public expectations - how to change, how to proceed?

2. Economic integration. What does BREXIT case indicates? Card house syndrome. Will Europe be able to cope with challenges arising from its fundamental values?

3. European identity. Community and the organization as a counterweight to the States and international organizations.

4. Radicalism and social movements. What does the left-right parties elevation indicates? How to explain growth of nationalist movements?

Travel from Vilnius to Marijampolė will be provided by organisers. Participants from other cities are also welcome to participate!

Project is co-financed by the European Union program Europe for Citizens.